There are things that you should be doing in your business now to protect your business assets and create better, more connected customer relationships.
The Internet has introduce a new ‘proximity factor’ into the business world which brings businesses and their customers into a level of connection we have never experienced before.
This is changing how customers expect to interact with business owners and the level of personal interaction they now expect. And that’s why you’ll learn, in this podcast, different methods of providing this level of interaction with your customers.
If you started your business in the early days of the internet as I did, it’s time to change your marketing focus from ‘building your list’ to creating more opportunities to interact with your customer base.

While there is so much focus on mindset, list building, and other strategic suggestions, the tactical processes that actually keep your business running, your cash flow flowing, and the profits rising are rarely mentioned. 

Well you will hear about them in today’s podcast because you’re going to get 5 actionable items you can implement starting today that will accelerate customer connection and interaction, with the ultimate goal of creating stronger relationships with your customers. And that can translate into more sales  and stronger cash flow.

The 5 action items you should be doing in your business now are:

  1. Backup your computer to protect your business assets – this is the most critical item and if you are not doing it you should start right away. Use an online system like or plus external hard drives to have adequate redundancy and access to your files.
  2. Learn to use or or another graphics design system to design easy graphics and memes for your social media sites.
  3.  Do a weekly live broadcast on your facebook page or in a group.
  4. Publish a blog and a podcast episode every week.
  5. Run small, inexpensive facebook ads to boost interest, attention, and build your audience.

Do all of these to build your business and get comfortable with having your face and your voice out there. Customers expect to connect with you live on the internet, in videos, on social media platforms, and this is how you create the ‘know, like, and trust’ factor that will encourage customers to buy from you and you will create long term, sustainable relationships with them.

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