Why It’s a Mistake to Focus on High Ticket Packages & High Value  Clients

In this video I will show you why focusing on high ticket packages and high value clients is bad for your business and will hurt your business sales and profits in the long term. How many people can afford expensive programs and coaching? Not very many and since everyone is going after them, you are going to have to work hard to get their business. And then what do you do next?

I’ll also share what you should do instead of focusing on this small market and such a short term, limited business strategy so you can attract clients who will purchase your affordably priced, non-exclusive programs. I also share how that has created long-term client and customer relationships in my business, many of my customers have been with me for nearly 15 years, and how you can apply these principles to your business.

If you are ready for genuine business training, taught by a business expert who has the education and experience to provide you with solid training that will help you start your business with information you can sign up for the GPS Business Academy 90 Day QuickStart program right now, click here to visit the information page. No application necessary, this program is open to everyone and its affordable price is not a barrier to entry.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur, want to re-start your business, or need to expand into new areas of products, services, and profits, the GPS Business Academy 90 Day QuickStart program has something for you.

Every module is full of information about business processes, best practices, resources, and tools that cover every topic you need to build a solid foundation for your business. We start with my trademark High Vibes Wealth™ assessment so you know how much money your business needs to make to support your life, lifestyle, & your business.  

Then you move to Business Basics in Module 1 which includes important business legal and process issues. Other Modules cover websites, newsletters, marketing & promotions, sales (sales & marketing are two different things in the GPS Business Academy, as they should be), to social media and video marketing.

Here’s what you get in the GPS Business Academy 90 Day QuickStart Program:

  • 9 Course Modules
  • 9 weekly Q&A calls
  • 3 Group Coaching Calls with Jennifer’s QuickStart coaching™
  • Additional lessons to support your energy and motivation to build clarity and confidence from the world’s most celebrated spiritual teacher
  • Optional live weekend workshops (at various locations TBD)
  • A chance to join a group coaching program (level 2 program)
  • An option to add private coaching with Jennifer Hoffman (level 3 program)

And at a price point that is not a barrier to entry, starting at only $497 for a limited time. 

Check out all of the program benefits here or click on the image below and sign up  now. Registration closes on August 15, 2017


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