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Here are some of the highlights of the 5 Steps to your Business Startup for $99 or less training:

One thing you must do before your name your business, product or service (and I’ll show you what to do)
Where to get a free or low-cost website you can create and launch very quickly (I’ll share resources)
Why you should not use a free email account for your business communication & what to do instead

I hope you can use the information I share to get motivated to start your business or to benefit an existing business. And if you need help with anything I talk about, you’ll learn how you can take this information to the next level and get support in your business. 

About Jennifer Hoffman

I believe that entrepreneurship and micro-enterprise are the new models for business and the economy, and my goal is to provide useful, relevant, affordable, and practical services to help micro business owners, entrepreneurs, and mid-range to large businesses expand their reach, provide programs and services that showcase their gifts and purpose to the world, and generate revenues and profits that meet their needs.

My methods and processes are grounded in the experienced reality of what it takes to start and run a successful business and I offer the scope of  my professional knowledge, business education, expertise, and experience, as well as my exceptional intuitive skills and energy awareness, all grounded in the desire to help people achieve their life goals by starting and running a business that is fun, profitable, and authentically aligned with who they are, their mission, message, and aspirations for the business that fuels their dreams and meets their financial needs.

With business degrees in Finance, Economics, and Business Administration, 25 years of corporate experience, and 15 years as a successful entrepreneur, I have the education, expertise, and experience to provide business training that meets the needs of everyone from entrepreneurs and start-ups to seasoned business owners. As a technology expert and internet pioneer, my business training includes how to use today’s technology to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

And as the leading voice in the self awareness, self empowerment, and energetic transformation movement since 2003, in addition to being the world’s most accurate intuitive master and Energy Savante™,  I also provide tools to manage the spiritual side of business success, providing a platform for authentic, soul-centered business management and  leadership. All of my programs include my ESP™ (Energy, Soul & Purpose™) training to inspire confidence, energy wealthset™, and purpose-based living.

Find out more about me at and email me at support at enlighteninglife dot com with any questions.



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