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THE 90 Day Business QuickStart Program

You want to start a profitable, successful business doing what you know and love and that supports your life and lifestyle.
I can show you how to do  that.
The GPS Business Academy 90 Day Business QuickStart program is your success path to business start-up.
Get the best expert business advice, resources & training with Jennifer Hoffman – The Business & Technology Expert and Cash Flow Catalyst.

You need the best information and resources to make the important business decisions, like how to start or grow your business, so you feel less confused and more confident.

  • Do you know how you’re going to make money in your business? It’s the first thing you will learn in all of my programs.
  • Are you confused by the piecemeal approach of other business training – courses, mailing list, programs? We teach it all in this program.
  • Are you technology challenged and afraid to get started? We will walk you through every step so you can start your business with clarity and confidence and have the best tech resources.

My flagship 90 Day QuickStart program is an Integrated Business Training™ process, a unique system that provides you with all the information and resources you need to start your business, including products, revenue, marketing, promotion, and sales.

This training you will provide you with:

  • Training & resources to help you set the right business foundation, methods, and processes in place. 
  • Start with revenue and cash flow – calculating your revenue and cash flow are the first steps in ensuring that your business supports you and your life and lifestyle.
  • Choosing the best resource for your online presence (more than websites).
  • How to use newsletters and autoresponders in your business.
  • Create your first course and product and how to sell and deliver it. 
  • Ways to market and  promote your products and services in an easy, uncomplicated way.
  • How to create an audience using the qualities that matter – your story and message that are relevant to and resonate with the people who will become your long term audience and loyal customers.

The  4 QuickStart modules will help you establish your foundation for profit with focused, detailed training to identify your expertise, clarify your message, establish your revenue and cash flow, and master marketing and sales.

The High Vibes Wealth™ Assessment

Your first step is to define your High Vibes Wealth™ model, establishing how much money you need to make to support your life, lifestyle, and your business. I won’t talk to you about a ‘six figure business’ but I will help you decide how much money your business needs to make so you are ‘rich, happy, and successful’.

The Expert Audit™

Explore the experience, expertise, and authority that you can use to create a business with multiple revenue sources. The Expert Audit will give you a new perspective on your skills, talents, know-how knowledge, know-how, experience, and gifts to so you see yourself in a new way and confidently claim your expertise and authority.

Your Expert Solution™

How do you establish yourself as an expert and authority with the solutions your potential clients need? 

In my YES – Your Expert Solution program you will learn how to present your solution in the context of your expertise to engage clients and be recognized as the expert they need. 

The Cash Flow First Method™

Having a profitable business means you make more than you spend and your revenues are consistent, reliable, and meet your income needs.  My Cash Flow First Method training will show you how to create cash flow in your business and start that process at the outset so your business generates consistent revenue from DAY ONE.

The 90 Day Business QuickStart program features 9 Training Modules that cover every aspect of starting, managing, and growing your business.






 The best resources to start and build your business

The Training Modules – Your Guide to how to get things done.

Module 1 – Business Basics

Module 1 covers business basics, naming your business, legal issues,  choosing the best business entity, defining your products and services, trademarks and copyrights, how to use contracts in your business, as well as a wealth of business and technology resources.

Module 4 – Products & Services

In Module 4 you will focus on products and services, these are the source of your business revenue and cash flow. You will learn about how to create a variety of products and how you can deliver them to your customers. I’ll show you how to create an audio product, an e-book, a video product, and an on-line course. When you have finished this module you will have your first product ready for sale.

Module 7 – Schedules and Calendars

In Module 7 you will learn how to create a marketing calendar to marketing, promotions, launches, and offers, and create a revenue schedule so you have a steady stream of money coming into your business. We will cover calendars and how to automate your appointment scheduling, with suggested tools and resources to make this process easy for you and your clients.

Module 2 – Your Website

In Module 2 you’ll develop your online presence. You’ll learn about today’s many options for an internet presence besides a website, domain name registration, finding a hosting provider, and how to hire a web developer or do it yourself. I also provide resources for free services too.

Module 5 – Cash Flow, Revenues & Profits

In Module 5 we talk about how you bring money into your business. You’ll learn about shopping cart systems and how to choose one, how to use payment processors, how to create a workable, sustainable cash flow based revenue model (no one else teaches this)  and how to keep good financial records, an essential aspect of any business.

Module 8 – Social Media

In Module 8 you will learn how to set up and use social media accounts, focusing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. I’ll teach you how to use Facebook pages, groups, and communities so you can build your audience and your business and use social media effectively to capitalize on the global audience and exponential reach it provides. 

Module 3 – Newsletters & Email

In Module 3 we cover email systems, so you can connect to and communicate with your customers and clients. I’ll provide you with a variety of options to choose from and show you how to create a newsletter, email, and an autoresponder with several different providers.

Module 6 – Marketing. Promotion & Sales

In Module 6 you will learn how to market your business, products, and services and  using my trademark 3 step system that takes the mystery out of marketing and the panic out of promotion. We will discuss various  marketing methods, including kickstart offers, webinars, and launches.

Module 9 – Video Marketing

Video marketing is an easy and inexpensive way to engage your audience and get them interested in your products and services. I make some of the most popular videos on the internet with engagement rates of over 300% and my audience loves them. I’ll show you how to create videos, explain concepts using props (one of my areas of expertise), and connect with your audience in a powerful way.

Register now and select the learning option that best meets your needs. All options include live Q&A and training sessions.
Payment plans are available, scroll down to view those options.

We also offer affordable payment plans for you, choose this option which includes a small processing fee. 

90 Day Business QuickStart
Personal Coaching
6 payments option

1 payment of $420 now and 5 payments of $420 over the next 5 months

90 Day Business QuickStart Standard Program
6 payments option

1 payment of  $170 now and 5 payments of $170 over the next 5 months

90 Day Business QuickStart
Group Coaching
6 payments option

1 payment of $270 now and 5 payments of $270 over the next 5 months

Why work with me?

Most coaches who offer business training start by telling you how much money they make (and they report their revenues incorrectly). I start by sharing my credentials because that is what makes me a reliable and relevant business resource for you. Why would you choose a business coach who doesn’t have any business education, experience, or expertise?

I am your best source for business advice, resources and training™ because:

I have a solid business education, with degrees in Finance, Economics & Business Administration (and I graduated with high honors).

  • I have extensive business experience, with 20+ years of corporate experience in executive management, software research and development, project management, finance, law, and operations management in a variety of industries and business types,
  • I am a technology expert and as an internet pioneer I wrote the first book on the internet business which was the foundation for the University of Phoenix’s flagship e-commerce program which I also wrote, and
  • I have managed my own successful business for the last 20 years, as one of the world’s most celebrated leaders in the areas of self awareness and energy congruence,  an 8x best selling author, the world’s most accurate intuitive, and celebrated spiritual teacher, with a committed, loyal global audience of millions. As a pioneer in online business and training I have taught more than 2 million students and have more than 5 million weekly newsletter readers.

And I’m sharing all of that knowledge and experience with you in the 90 Day Business QuickStart program.


Jennifer saved my business by pointing out that I was marketing to the wrong audience (one that could not pay me) and she was right. When I followed her advice I landed 3 big contracts and now I do the work I love, I help my customers succeed, and I am paid consistently and very well.

Gene K

 “I had started building my mailing with a free offer and my clients loved it but they were not buying from me. Jennifer showed me  how to leverage that into a low ticket offer and generate revenue from my subscribers.”Scott

 “Jennifer is the best, most knowledgeable and credible business mentor in an industry of fakes and bad advisors. I really appreciate her combination of business and technical expertise and that she has real business experience and knows how to start and run a business the right way.”


 “After spending thousands of dollars on courses and programs to ‘build my list’ and ‘create a digital course’ I had  wasn’t making any money and had no idea how to run my business. After one week of working with Jennifer I had my Cash Flow Map created and made $8,000 from my opt-in course.”

We also offer affordable payment plans for you, choose this option which includes a small processing fee. 

90 Day Business QuickStart
Personal Coaching
6 payments option

1 payment of $420 now and 5 payments of $420 over the next 5 months

90 Day Business QuickStart Standard Program
6 payments option

1 payment of  $170 now and 5 payments of $170 over the next 5 months

90 Day Business QuickStart
Group Coaching
6 payments option

1 payment of $270 now and 5 payments of $270 over the next 5 months

About Me

I’m Jennifer Hoffman

I believe that entrepreneurship and micro-enterprise are the new models for business and the economy, and my goal is to provide useful, relevant, affordable, and practical services to help micro business owners, entrepreneurs, and mid-range to large businesses expand their reach, provide programs and services that showcase their gifts and purpose to the world, and generate revenues and profits that meet their needs.

As a globally recognized spiritual teacher, self awareness leader, and energy expert, my training includes the supporting your soul growth as well as your business growth.

I am teaching business because I believe that everyone deserves to have great and affordable business training from an educated, capable, and experienced source, and my clients have asked me to offer this training, since they admire the way I run my own business,

I have 25 years of experience in law,  business management, technology, technical project management, software research and development, was an early pioneer on the internet, and I have run my own successful business for 20 years.

I believe everyone who wants to start a business deserves great business training to give them the best foundation for their business vision. I will share my love of business and business processes with you so you can be a confident, knowledgeable business owner and offer training at a reasonable price that meets the budgets of start-ups, new entrepreneurs, and visionaries who want to start a business but cannot afford the unrealistic prices that are charged by most people who sell business training programs today.

Find out more about me at and email me at support at enlighteninglife dot com with any questions.






Do You Have Any Questions?


Here are some responses to Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I access the GPS Business Academy 90 Day QuickStart Program Modules?

You have lifetime access to the GPS Business Quickstart Modules so you can refer to this information as you start and grow your business.

What is your Refund Policy?

You can cancel your 90 Day Business QuickStart program access before 7 days from the date of registration. No refunds will be provided on any portion of the program after 7 days. We do not provide 100% refunds for any of our programs, partly because it is a terrible business practice (implemented by people who do not understand business) and partly because we do not allow unpaid access to any of our programs because it is a bad business practice (you will learn why in the 90 Day Business QuickStart program). 

If this is truly a bad fit for you after you have accessed the first lesson you  must request a refund in writing by email before the 7th day after your purchase.   After the second module is accessed, no refunds are provided. To read our full Terms of Use, visit this link on

Can I get a Private Coaching session with Jennifer?

Of course. If you do not choose the coaching option and you want to speak to Jennifer individually, you can purchase a   session with her at her standard hourly rate. Details about purchasing a 30 or 60 minute private strategy session  are offered in the program modules.

Do you offer a guarantee in this program?

We cannot offer a guarantee of your results because that is determined by factors we do not control, such as your level of commitment, your skills, and what you do with the information we provide. You will learn a lot in all of our programs but what you decide to do with that information is up to you. No one can guarantee program results and if they do then they are promising something that they cannot deliver. We will guarantee that we’ll offer the best information you can find on the internet today. Jennifer is not a ‘copy cat’ coach who talks about unsustainable, fluff-based business strategies that waste your time and money. We will respect your time, money, and your dreams by offering you real business focused strategies that will tell you the truth about what it takes to start, manage, and grow your business and offer you well researched, real business information that prepares you to do that.

What if I need more information?

If you have a question about the GPS Business Academy 90 Day QuickStart program that is not answered here, please send an email to

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