How do you avoid customer chaos and cash flow calamities in your business? You have strong business and personal boundaries.
Boundaries are important in business, both personal and those you use in your business. they determine how you run your business, how you interact with customers, and how your customers interact with you.
Boundaries help you manage your life and your business and they help you manage your energy and your business.  
In this episode you learn the 3 keys to personal and business success and freedom with strong boundaries.

If you are a coach or do personal or group consultations or programs with customers, boundaries are not only important, they are absolutely necessary. You will, at times, have to deal with difficult clients.

In this podcast I share a few difficult client stories and how I used my business and personal boundaries to handle them. As a business owner you need your own energy boundaries. 

Don’t confuse your personal energy boundaries with your business boundaries, which I will call the terms and conditions in your business Let’s look at these two separately

Personal energy boundaries define your relationship with your clients. They define your personal rules of conduct and what you allow – and do not allow from your clients. Do you have trouble saying ‘no’ to outrageous client demands, or maintaining your business rules when clients object? That’s because you do not have strong personal boundaries.

Terms and conditions define your clients relationship with your business.  These are your Terms of Use and Service and they are a legal statement of how you run your business and they are important.  If you ever have a disagreement with a client or customer, you’ll need to prove how they violated your terms of service or terms of use.

Boundaries are important from both a personal and a professional perspective and you need both, personal and business boundaries.

How to set good personal boundaries

1. decide what’s important to you
2. don’t make exceptions
3. know your trigger points and be vigilant when they happen

How to set good business boundaries
1. set up your terms and conditions
2. let your customers know what they are – they must be written and visible
3. be firm in enforcing them but make exceptions on a case by case basis

Use boundaries in your business to manage your energy flows and your cash flows. They will help you maintain good relationships with your customers, protect your business, and keep your energy at a high vibe. Do you need help setting good boundaries?  Register for my Energy Boundaries program and learn how you can use them in your life to empower yourself and manage your business more powerfully.

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