What happens when you’re visiting a website or a sales page or listening to a podcast and you hear your content, word for word, being used by someone in their business. They haven’t asked for your permission, paid you a licensing fee, or altered the content in any way. But they are using it as their own and they’re selling it in their products and services. 

This is content theft, and it’s a terrible problem in the online world today. It violates the content creator’s copyrights, steals their intellectual property and it’s being done by people you would never expect to have to resort to steal someone’s content. They are business coaches, bloggers, influencers, top name marketers, and even less well known internet personalities. People who call themselves experts, business coaches, and authorities are blatantly stealing others’ content. 

Content theft can be and is done by many different people and it robs content creators of their energy, creative output, their dreams, their vision, message, and ability to use their own content in their business.

In Part 3 of my Copyright and IP series I talk about my experience with content theft, theft of intellectual property, and copyright infringement. It’s a sordid tale of someone who mines my website, blog, social media sites, stealing content she found interesting, useful, and profitable for her business. It has been going on for a long time. In this episode I share my experience of how I found out about the various instances of content theft, what I did to get the evidence I needed to take legal action, and how it has impacted my business.

This is a situation we must all be aware of and if it happens to you, you must stand up for your copyrights, take action, and together we will stop these content thieves from this ongoing blatant abuse of content creators.  In case you are wondering who I am talking about in this podcast, I will tell you because I have proof and truth cannot be called defamation, slander, or libel. The ‘business coach’ who has been stealing content from me for years and using it in her business is Christine Kane, CEO of Firepink, LLC, who was the ‘uplevel’ coach and is now marketing herself as the ‘soul sourced entrepreneur’ coach, and recently released a book called the Soul Sourced Entrepreneur. She steals content from me regularly, which I have fully documented, and is one of the worst content thieves on the internet.

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The following copyright, trademark, and intellectual property statement is made necessary by the dishonest activities of those who believe that content on the internet is free for use. It is not. Using any content without the express approval and permission of its author is plagiarism, copyright infringement, and theft of intellectual property.

We prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who uses any of our content without express written permission and a paid license. Unfortunately, because there are dishonest people in the world who have used and sold Jennifer’s content, such as the Becoming 360 trademark and program based on Jennifer Hoffman’s original content which was stolen, sold, and marketed by Christine Kane of Uplevel You, Firepink LLC, and now the Soul Sourced Entrepreneur (#soulsourcedentrepreneur), it is necessary for us to make this trademark statement to protect our rights to our own content, protect it from those who steal, plagiarize, and usurp it for their personal gain, and who engage in illegal profit making from intellectual property that is not their original creation.

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This notice specifically includes Christine Kane of christinekane.com of UpLevel You and Firepink, and now the Soul Sourced Entrepreneur (#soulsourcedentrepreneur) who has been illegally using, copying, and plagiarizing content from Jennifer Hoffman since approximately 2012 and maybe even prior to that, and is currently under four Cease and Desist orders for copyright infringement, plagiarism, unjust enrichment, theft of intellectual property, and fraud.