What do you know that you can leverage into sales, revenue, and income?

Some people start their business knowing exactly what they want to offer and they are ready to confidently market it to their audience.

That may not be you. In fact, you may be the feeling the opposite of that level of clarity and confidence.

  • What do you know that anyone wants to know about – and pay you money to learn?
  • How can you position or market yourself as an expert – who would believe you?
  • What information or skills can you possibly have that a business could be built around?

If this is you and you think that I must be reading your mind, don’t worry. Everyone feels this way, especially when they are just starting out.  And it’s a legitimate feeling. But it is also something you can solve because you have 7 Expert Superpowers (that you may not even know you have) that can be leveraged into a thriving, revenue generating business and even into fame and fortune.

What are these 7 Expert Superpowers?  They include your experience and expertise, knowledge and know-how, gifts, talents, and skills. 

Things you know and know how to do, things you have done so much you can confidently share that information with others and teach them how to do it. 

It doesn’t have to be anything official or important but when someone needs to do something and they don’t know where to start – and it’s one of your areas of expertise – don’t you think they will be happy to learn from you?


And the Expert Audit is your resource for learning what those 7 Expert Superpowers are and how to leverage them into a thriving business, side hustle, consulting contract, and more.


The Expert Audit™   is Jennifer’s unique resource for helping you identify and leverage your 7 Expert Superpowers into a thriving business, side hustle, and more.

In the Expert Audit™  you will do a thorough inventory of everything you know and know how to do, all of your experience and expertise, your knowledge and know-how, all of your unique gifts, talents, and skill sets and then look at your level of competence for each one. 

Then you will learn the many ways you can leverage these 7 Expert Superpowers into revenue and income generating machines – and I am not just talking about coaching here. I am talking about building a business on real credentials, the proof that you can provide to encourage your audience to see you as reliable, competent, and a trusted resource.

Personally, I think far too many people are stuck on coaching – there are many more business opportunities available to you. And I am going to show you what they are.

Once you have finished with the Expert Audit™ you will:

  • Know your 7 Expert Superpowers and your level of expertise for each one
  • Know how to leverage any of your 7 Expert Superpowers into a business, side hustle, freelance work, and more
  • Be confident in your abilities and in how to promote yourself as an expert resource to anyone

Is this what you have been looking for so you can be confident in your abilities and have clarity about what you can offer in your business or other income producing activities?

YES – that’s what so many of my students tell me. And I think you will too once you have completed The Expert Audit™.

Jennifer’s level of business experience, education, and expertise is unequaled in the business coaching industry and the unique intuitive leverage she provides allows you to explore multiple layers of potential from unique angles in a manner that cannot be reproduced or provided by  any other person who calls themselves a business coach, mentor, or trainer.  

What You Receive with The EXPERT AUDIT Program

 The Expert Audit program includes:

1. The Experience Inventory where you will establish your experience, expertise, and authority,

2. Hobbies, Interests & Talents Inventory to establish how you can leverage what you and know how to do,

3. Your Credentials, Achievements, & Affiliations which creates a network of connections you can leverage into revenue.

And the Pathway to Profits training that provides you with suggested uses for your expert superpowers in a variety of industry, marketing, and business settings so you can be creative and use your expert superpowers to create revenue and income opportunities. 

When you have finished the Expert Audit you will have a resource of assets you can use to get a job, start a business, become a spokesperson or representative, or establish strategic partnerships.

This goes beyond focusing on your ‘genius’ or brilliance or passion. The Expert Audit reveals where you have real experience, expertise, and authority that you can present as the foundation for a career or business as an expert, with a variety of opportunities besides coaching.

Buy now and start your Expert Audit to find your 7 Expert Superpowers for business success.
$197 for the Expert Audit™ 4 modules, video training, worksheets, and your Pathways to Profit™ training 

You have immediate access to the Expert Audit program after your purchase and can get started right away!

NOTE:  Upon purchase you have immediate access to The Expert Audit™ and all of the program materials. This is a final purchase and there are NO REFUNDS provided for this program. 

The Expert Audit™ was created and developed by Jennifer Hoffman, a business and technology expert, creator of the GPS Business Academy,  and who has provided self-awareness and energy congruence training to an audience of over 5 million since 2004. Jennifer started her business after her 6th job layoff in 8 years. 

Jennifer started teaching business in 2007 and over the years recognized the need for a resource that allowed her business students to confidently assess the qualities and attributes that they could use to create a business they could market with clarity and confidence.

The Expert Audit™ is the only expert assessment tool that provides you with a clear path to identifying your unique qualities that you can use to create a business, a side hustle, freelance, or explore strategic partnerships and other forms of sponsorship.

With degrees in Finance, Economics, and Business Administration, a 20 year corporate career as a business and technology expert, and 20 years of experience as an online business pioneer, she is THE Business Expert and Cash Flow Catalyst, the iconic authority on business startup and growth, founder of the GPS Business Academy, the premier resource for expert business advice, resources, and training for start-ups, re-starts, and expanding empires.