Savor the Success as you Prepare for the Next Peak

The GPS Growth MasterMind is for business owners who have established a presence in their industry or market and want to solidify their existing platform and fine tune their processes and procedures for better efficiency and effectiveness, translating that into a more consistent revenue stream.

In this 12 month program you will follow the GPS Business Academy Foundation program with additional attention to products and services, profit and process, expanding your marketing and sales processes, growing your base of influence and exploring new revenue potentials.

We will introduce the Congruent Business Model and its 5 Priorities into your business, as well as examine revenues and cash flows, marketing and sales, and focus on launches and promotions.

You will benefit from Jennifer’s group and personal business coaching and the intuitive advantage she provides, to leverage your current success and consider new and different markets, sales paths, partnerships, and social objectives. Increasing influence, expansion, and cashflow are the main objectives of the GPS Business Academy Growth MasterMind, and establishing long-term processes and procedures to help you free your time without negatively impacting your income.

At this stage of your business you need to focus on expanding cashflow and profits and creating new revenue streams, as well as developing new platforms for your message or service.  You will benefit from hands-on live workshops and retreats where you can get focused coaching and network with other business owners. The GPS Growth MasterMind is for growing business who have not yet achieved $500K in gross annual revenues.

In the GPS Growth MasterMind you’ll have 12 months of group coaching with Jennifer, with 3 coaching, teaching, and Q&A calls each month, plus quarterly personal coaching calls, and  quarterly live events and retreats where you will meet with other business owners of your caliber. Every quarterly meeting will include strategic implementation, timely execution, and post-quarter debriefs to discuss results and plan new objectives.

Jennifer’s level of business experience, education, and expertise is unequaled in the business coaching industry and the unique intuitive leverage she provides allows you to explore multiple layers of potential from angles not accessible by other business coaches. You will also be with a group of like-minded business owners whose laudable achievements have not dulled their entrepreneurial passion and creative spirit.

The Congruent Business and 5 Priorities Model™

Dual Channels of Strategy and Soul

Jennifer is the world’s leading authority and expert in soul alignment, energy congruence, and creating synergy between self and soul, as well as the most accurate intuitive and a unique Energy Savante™, the only business coach who combines experienced, expert business advice with highly accurate intuitive guidance.

In  business, that translates into ensuring that your business strategy is thoughtfully aligned and interwoven with your soul path, revealing what makes you feel authentic and fulfilled so your presence is aligned with your purpose, your goals and gifts resonate with your message, and your soul and success are masterfully balanced between serving your audience and customers and achieving plentiful abundance.

Ensuring these two channels are aligned and operating in harmony is part of Jennifer’s trademark High Vibes Wealth™ training, which is an integral component of all of her coaching and teaching. And in the Empire MasterMind your strategic training is always balanced with a soul perspective as you have the benefit of soul training with the world’s leading expert in soul alignment. 

What You Receive with GPS Growth MasterMind


2 Monthly Group coaching calls, 2 Monthly Group teaching calls, and a quarterly personal call with Jennifer to review strategy, implementation, and objectives.  Email and text access to your personal coach on an as-needed basis, within program guidelines.


You will meet quarterly with Jennifer to strategize, plan, relax, and renew and refresh your energy. Live retreats will be held in beautiful settings where a balance of work and relaxing can take place. We will review performance, objectives, and results and plan for the future, combining strategic planning with soul work to keep your Strategy + Soul balance in balance. Then we’ll relax, eat, play, have fun, and enjoy life.


An networking opportunity to forge new relationships – business and personal – with a unique group of business owners who share your level of achievement and could become your next strategic partners.

This is a unique online gathering place to share ideas, thoughts, and get encouragement, support, and build camraderie with your peers.


You have been in business for at least 2 years or you are making at least $200,000 per year in your business

You are ready to receive solid business coaching