While getting a guest spot on popular blogs and podcasts may build your business, boost your brand, and give you access to a global audience, you have to follow a process to ensure that you approach these hosts with professionalism or your efforts may not get you the access you want.

In today’s Goals, Profit & Soul podcast we’re going to talk about how to approach podcast and blog hosts with interview and article requests, top things to avoid, and how to make a great first impression. As the owner of one of the internet’s most popular blogs, with more than 5 million weekly views, I share some of my experiences with people who want to be guests on my blog and podcasts and why I turn their requests down. You’ll want to listen to this week’s podcast before you start your guest blog and podcast strategy. 

Blogs and podcasts are really popular and some have millions of listeners, thousands of downloads, and get a lot of attention.

This is a new type of celebrity called an influencer – when these people showcase a product, service, or person, they can gain instant celebrity and become very popular.

What if you could get the attention of these bloggers and podcasters by being a guest on their podcast or a guest writer on their blog?

Would that help your business? Probably. Getting recognition or an endorsement by a highly recognized blogger or podcaster would be great for you and for your business. It would be free marketing and you could get a lot of attention and business out of it.

But before you jump over to itunes, simplify, or another big podcast site to make a list of the most popular podcasts or go to social media sites to find the people with the most followers, here are some tips to consider before you take action. Follow these tips first to get hosted on popular blogs and podcast.

  1. Take the time to listen to previous episodes and read the blog articles. This is so important because you need to ensure that your topic

is aligned with their message, content, and audience
is not a direct competitor for their product or service

2. While you may benefit from being associated with a popular blogger or podcaster, it’s not about you. How does your content and message benefit their audience?

have they recently talked about a problem that you have a solution for
what is their audience’s biggest problem or need that you can answer?

3. Make sure they have guests on their blog or podcast before you ask to be a guest. This shows that you are familiar with their content and their process.

4. Don’t approach the biggest bloggers and podcasters first. They get thousands of requests. Start small, work your way up to the bigger audiences. Build up your credentials so you can show that you have some experience in doing interviews and in writing.

5. Respect their timelines which are usually 3 months out. Don’t expect to send out a request to big name podcasts or bloggers on a Monday and get a reply on Tuesday.

6. Use your credentials – a popular book, recent event, something you got noticed for is a promotion tool for interviews and guest articles. You can promote yourself and your work proudly, just keep it aligned with their audience and content.

7. Relate your interview request with a past podcast or blog content.

For example:  dealing with stress and you have stress reducing solutions
Parenting issues and you have just written about ways to deal with that issue
Your solution addresses an audience need.

Remember you’re not competing with the blogger or podcaster so do your research and be of service.

8. Practice your interview skills before being a podcast guest and have some examples of your writing to show bloggers. A podcast interview is a conversation so be prepared to talk and have a link to recent articles show your writing style and content topics.

9. Show that you are actually interested in more than a one-time appearance, or just getting onto their blog or podcast by following them on different social media accounts. Respond to posts, engage with them, so you get to know them first. This establishes a connection that you can eventually use to promote yourself to them.

10. If you do get an opportunity to be on a podcast or share you content on a blog, be prepared, be on time, deliver what you have promised, and be sure to follow with a thank you, market to your audience, and be professional. Always request permission to repost or remarket your interview or articles, get it in writing. And always follow their copyright and content guidelines.

Finally, respect the fact that they started with no audience and have built their business through persistence, commitment, and hard work. They are not there for you to take advantage of or make money from. They serve their audience and they will ensure that their guests do too.

This is part of your business marketing and promotions strategy so build a list of blogs and podcasts you want to approach and make a schedule of contact points, Keep a list of who you contact and when, and always follow up, respectfully. One appearance can lead to more requests so stay professional and respectful and you could be the one who gets interview requests from popular bloggers and podcasters.

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