How can you leverage your gifts, expertise, message,

time, and energy in your business?

How can you make more money without  working more
AND LONGER  hours?

By creating courses that showcase your unique value, EXPERTISE and GIFTS, AND
serve more customers to generate sales and
increase profits!

What’s the #1 thing you can do in your business to make more money right now?

Become part of the more than $100 BILLION online learning market and offer courses and programs in your business.

That market is predicted to grow to over $250 BILLION by 2021. And if your business has been impacted by shutdowns,
you can reach your customers by offering your services online via a course.

Jennifer has been offering on-line courses in her business for over 15 years and she wants to show you how to add this revenue stream to your business.

  With an on-line course you can

            →  Attract new customers who are interested in your message and transformation

            →  Create more stable revenue streams

           →  Reach a wider audience and gain loyal customers

         →   Make more money without working harder in your business

And you can create a course once and sell it again and again, creating a bigger revenue stream and adding to your other services.

I am not suggesting that you stop one on one work with clients – I think there is a big need for that – but offering a course frees up your time, helps eliminate burnout, and allows you to serve a much bigger audience without working longer hours.

I want to inspire you to create your own course – and I want to guide you

through the process so you do not have to do it by yourself like I did!


 When I started my business 16 years ago there was no social media, no online courses, no video and the internet was new
and it was not very popular or trusted as a resource for learning or information.

BUT things have changed and customers now want and expect online courses. The industry is booming and you need to be part of it.

You have two choices – you can do it by yourself (that’s the hard way) OR

You can let me help you, share my resources, knowledge, information, strategies, tactics, tools, and techniques that I have learned in teaching dozens of courses to over 1 million students



In the EZ Course Creation Program you’re going to get

            8 modules that cover every aspect of course creation, from crafting your unique message to launching your course and support for you when you teach your course

            Resources for all of the technology and tools you will need, some of it free, and how to use it

            Business strategy and hands on, step by step guidance to help you implement quickly (you can get this done in a WEEK) and start making money

          Mindset and wealthset tools from the world’s most celebrated self awareness teacher to keep you inspired and motivated

          How to teach your course – techniques, tools, and directions on how to teach your course and interact with your students

PLUS you’ll learn from an experienced business expert who has been creating, selling, and teaching courses for over 12 years, to millions of happy, satisfied customers


Here’s what you get in the EZ Course Creation Program

Basics of Course Creation – A basic understanding of courses, including a step by step map to guide you through the process, different course formats, and how to get started

Business Basics – Information about business rules, processes, and specific laws you must follow, how to copyright your content and avoid copyright infringement, as well as protecting your content, using contracts and NDAs in your business

Your Point of Inspiration – Including Jennifer’s trademark ‘Your Expert Solution’ toolkit to help you craft your unique message, transformation, and how you’re going to inspire your customers to create authenticity, connection, relevance, and leverage your experience and expertise

Creating your Content – what you teach, how you teach it, the different presentation options, and more, so you know what you’re going to teach. Also, Jennifer’s secret strategy to take the stress out of the process – you’ll definitely want to use this tip

Building an Audience – everything you need to start building an audience while you’re putting your course together, including resources, strategies, and how to get started in the most popular online spaces

The Technology and Tools – all of the technology and tools you need to create your course, stay in touch with your students, and do your marketing and sales. Get the advantage of Jennifer’s technology expertise to learn about the best tools and resources available today,

Launching your Course – Learn Jennifer’s 3 easy launch strategies, what to do during each step of your launch, how to prepare for your launch, and when to make the sale

Teaching your Course – Creating a teaching model, schedule, what to offer, how to do teaching calls, Q&A sessions, and more. Everything you need to know to stay connected to your students and build a strong rapport with them.

This is the BEST course creation program available today and the only one taught by a Business EXPERT with more than 12 years’ experience in creating, teaching, and selling online courses.


PLUS you receive these special bonuses:


BONUS #1:  Jennifer’s trademark ‘High Vibes Wealth’ training so you can get an accurate vision of how much money you need to make in your business and set that as your revenue goal. Forget the ‘6 figure business’ fluff, you need real number and you’ll get it with Jennifer’s training.

BONUS #2:  The Self Esteem Course – You need confidence to share your message and this course will help you identify the limitations that keep you small, scared, and shy so you can boldly present your unique inspiration to the world.

BONUS #3:  3 virtual 2 hour workshops where you can get hands on help. If you’re stuck or need help with a step in the process of creating your course, join Jennifer and her team for live coaching, these will be held on a Saturday or Sunday.

BONUS #4:  Live admin and tech support with Jennifer’s admin team. 3 live calls with Jennifer’s admins so you can get administrative support help with your website, course platform, or email, or any other admin or tech support question.

BONUS #5:  6 LIVE teaching and coaching calls with Jennifer every week on a topic with Q&A and live coaching

BONUS #6:  Weekly inspirational and motivational messages from the world’s most celebrated inspirational teacher. Jennifer has been providing life and spiritual transformation to a global audience of millions since 2004. Every week you’ll get a new message, audio, or video in your inbox to help you stay inspired and motivated through the week.

BONUS #7:  Pay in full and get a 20 minute strategy session with Jennifer

BONUS #8:  Choose an option with Jennifer’s personal coaching, support & guidance – only 5 spaces available

SPECIAL BONUS:  Virtual workshop – how to turn your career/job experience into an online course or use it to enhance your course. With live coaching with Jennifer. This is a hands on teaching experience that will help you leverage your experience into on-line expertise.


Times are tough now so I want to make this as affordable as possible for you. I have seen course creation programs that sell for $1997, $2997, $3497 and even $7997 or more – that’s absurd. You need training that is comprehensive, detailed, and taught by an expert, at a price that meets the needs of entrepreneurs who are just starting out and that considers your budget.

So I’m offering the EZ Course Creation Program at a price that meets your budget with a simple 3 payment plan that doesn’t penalize you for making payments. I hope you will take this step and join me in the program and learn how to create courses for your business.

And you have two options – Course + group coaching or the full personal service – Course + 6 personal coaching sessions with Jennifer

FAST ACTION BONUS  – get a 20 minute strategy session with Jennifer with $797 full pay or extra session with personal coaching option

FREEDOM  SPECIAL — PAY IN FULL $797 (save $200)   4 PAY OPTION $201  



Pay in Full at $797 and get a free 20 minute strategy session with Jennifer

Plus you get all of the course modules and bonuses with lifetime access 



Pay in 4 payments of $201
(one payment now, 3 payments over next 3 months)

Get all course modules and bonuses, Group Q&A sessions, virtual workshops, with lifetime access


Course + personal coaching with Jennifer – get support every step of the way
Full pay option $1997 with 6 private coaching sessions (a $2500 value)

Plus you get all of the course modules and bonuses with lifetime access 



4 Payment option for EZCourse program + private coaching with Jennifer
Pay in 4 payments of $502
(one payment now, 3 payments over next 3 months)

Get all course modules and bonuses, Group Q&A calls, virtual workshops + 6 private coaching sessions, with lifetime access

Refund Policy

We believe that you will be very satisfied with this program and can achieve amazing results but we can’t guarantee this because that depends on how you use this information. It is our policy to not offer full refunds for any product or service that we sell, because we stand behind our programs and we know that the information, when used as directed, will generate the intended results. If you are not happy with the class after the first lesson and have not accessed any other part of the course, you may email and request to speak to our customer support staff and a pro-rated refund request will be considered — note that this is not a guarantee of a refund. Because this is a digital program, cash refunds are not provided for portions of the course that have been accessed and/or coaching sessions that have been used.

We do not offer refunds if you do not participate in the calls as you are provided with all of the information to access all materials, including the live call and recordings. All of our materials can be downloaded and you have full access to them as soon as you purchase. If you have any questions you should email our support staff at Any chargebacks issued in violation of our refund policy will be considered as fraud. Sharing of any part of our paid programs and courses is considered to be copyright infringement, and theft of intellectual property and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


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