How do you manage customer expectations of your business and avoid trying to justify your policies to a customer, or making them up as you go along to address problems (which is not a good idea)?

Every business needs a Terms of Service policy, also called Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions, which defines how you run your business and what customers can expect from your business. 

In today’s Goals, Profit & Soul podcast you will learn about the 8 key items to include in your Terms of Service document and why each one is important so you can protect yourself and your business and avoid customer confrontations and conflicts.


Terms of Use in your Business

These are guidelines for operations that let customers know what to expect when doing business with you

Protects you from legal liability when enforcing a policy or in the cast of customer legal action

Can and should include:

  1. A Privacy policy – this is required by some countries and institutions and is required by most state and federal law. This should state how you handle customer data and that you do not sell or share it
  2. Copyright policy – affirms your copyrights to your content.
  3. Download policy – states how customers may download your digital products, that they can only save it to their personal computer or digital media devices, they cannot share or post it, no sharing with others, and not using it in their own programs or business
  1. Refund policy – when and how you offer refunds.  You are not obligated to offer any refund for any reason but you must have a well defined refund policy – do not offer 100% refunds as it’s an invitation for abuse and can be very costly.  If you do not offer refunds you must state it here and on every sales page
  2. Guarantee – you can offer a guarantee be sure you write it carefully, you cannot guarantee results. Also be careful of how you offer your guarantee in conjunction with your refund policy
  3. Hours of operation – state what your business operating hours are, be sure to include your time zone too, for example: 9AM to 5PM US Eastern Time
  4. Service level agreement – when you’ll respond to emails and communications, how you will handle customer support issues and other interactions with your customers
  1. Disclaimer of results – state how testimonials are not typical results, be clear that you are not guaranteeing results


NOTE:  If you are offering coaching for mental or emotional issues, you must state that it is not a substitute for professional mental health services
If offering coaching for health or wellness, you must state that it is not a substitute for professional medical treatment

Your terms of user or terms of service are an important part of your business legal documents and they should be posted where customers can see them and agree to them, where appropriate, so they have a clear understanding of what they can expect from you and your business and it protects you from unreasonable customer expectations and provides a clear definition of your services.

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